Bottoms up!

Ama Nuamah

Africa, Ghana

To the children we call our future
Who have no shoes to put on their feet
Who have barely any food to eat
Who believe in some unreal hope
But still dare to dream
Wild and free

To the folks who stand by the wayside
Who search high and low for a world unknown
Will they ever find?
A place called ‘home’
Probably, probably not
We wait
A lesson well learned
You took everything and yet left so much
You left us hanging
Do we regret the departure?
We still take a long walk of shame
Until we finally snap

All who made the attempt
To restore some peace to chaos
To restore hope to despair
You got caught in the web
Of toils and sacrifice to defy
All odds of a better life for everyone
Now a toast!
To all who fought
To those who are still fighting
To those who merry in the war
To those who take advantage of the frail
To the injustice done to us
To the justice we still fight for
Bottoms Up!