A Homeland for Sale

Dr Fereydun Rafiq Hilmi:


The house is wrecked, the kids are dead

My wife was murdered – neighbours said

I stand alone, without a hope

Without a home, without a friend

The rest have gone, the fighters fled

The fields are empty, but for Lead

A poison cloud of mustard gas

An orange film of powdered death

Aromas void of nature’s best

An outrage wells up in my chest

I cry, I grieve, I wish to die I plead,

I pray – it’s all a lie

Perhaps a dream, it’s not my house

The number proves it is, alas

I close my eyes and shut my mind

Imagine that I have gone blind

I see not more, only the past

The blissful moment does not last

The whining noise of death on wings

A giant explosion rings

The bastards returned to ensure

No one survives their murderous tour

My Lovely Homeland is For Sale

Its mortgage paid with blood and shale

The gardens extends across frontiers

Our “Neighbours” peed in them for years

Today they brought us more bad news-

We are to suffer like the Jews more abuse.

Two Thousand years and may be more

A nation, no one will adore

Our Homeland has never been ours

As tenants we have no powers

The Law was made by foreign

Tsars Arabs, Britons, and even Tartars

Our Leaders tell us ask no more

Your rights are dreams and we should know

The Yanks have always told us so

We know exactly what to do

Our Independence is taboo

For Sale it is, then, Kurdistan!

I hope our children understand

We have to move to somewhere else

And exorcise this dreadful Curse

While all the nations of the world

Achieve their freedom

We are told: “You don’t possess the right to be”

“An Independent Entity” But, worst of all

For this we fall and stuff the minds of our folk

With words our enemies spoke.

And anyone who should persist

Is placed on their blackest list.

A danger he becomes at once

Against their personal advance.

“For Sale” for a Nominal sum

We’ll even take an empty slum.

In any corner of your earth

We plead with those who stole our wealth

In any portion of your globe.

We will reside and do our job

Beneath a tent or plastic sheet.

We’ll huddle and curl up our feet

If only we are to survive,

The holocaust and stay alive

We’ll follow orders just like sheep,

A Promise we shall always keep

“For Sale”, a sign for all to see.

By reason of economy

The bankrupt tenants have to leave.

A quick sale they have to achieve

The world believes we don’t exist.

A problem that seems to persist

They have convinced us that we should.

Forget the future if we could

We must accept the status-quo.

There is no hope and we should know

The Kurds are Arabs with no brain.

Or, Mountain Turks fighting in vain

Proclaiming that they are apart.

But know they are not deep in their heart

A type of Persian, if you please.

Inferior and so ill at ease.

The slightest problem and they crack.

They even blamed it on Zohak

Some Kurds Belong to S. Hussein.

Although reputedly insane

They must remain in his domain,

And pledge allegiance to his reign

Our leaders think we are to blame.

We should repent, adopt his aim

He IS the Leader of Iraq,

And is immuned from all attack

We won’t repeat the episode.

We will approve of this “accord”

Democracy is all we seek.


What Bloody Cheek?!

In Shame and guilt we all submit

The Fault is ours we admit.

An aberration which will pass

We do apologise en masse!!