Chief Moomen

Africa, Ghana

Do you hear the voices
That echoed by the fireside
When we gathered at the village square
Under the smiling moon
To tell the stories
Sing the songs
And dance to the rhythms
Of our cultural melody
Do you hear the voices?

But that was before the west winds
Filled the sails of the hungry ships
And docked them on our shores
And the voices changed.

Do you hear the bitter cry of our women
As they were dragged through the hot sand
Down into the hellish dungeons
Where the monstrous walls
Defiled their minds
And the holy gentlemen
Stole their honour.

Do you hear the men scream
As they made to tear the chains
That bound their arms and feet.

Do you hear the mournful sobs of the people
As they were led through the door of not return
into the world of untold hardship.

Do you hear the crack of the whip
On the black back of Kunta Kinte
Baked by the unforgiving sun
As he bends to dig the foundations
Of today’s Skyscrapers
“Say your name is Toby”
“My name is Kunta Kinte”

Do you hear when the whip master is gone to his God
How the people gather by the fireside
Like the used to do
And sing and dance and tell stories
Like they used to do
Alas! the whip touched their backs
But not their spirit

Do you hear the spirit boiling?
Do you hear the people saying
Enough is Enough
Do you hear the voice of a Garvey
Of Padmore
Of a Dubois
Do you hear the voice of an Nkrumah
On that faithful 57 night declaring to the world
” At long last, the battle has ended
And Ghana, your beloved country,
is Free forever”

Do you hear how Africa took up
the cry of Nkrumah
Do you hear
A Tafawa Balewa
A Patrice Lamumba
A Jomo Kenyata
A Haile Selasie

Do you hear the voices of tens of thousands of people
Marching upon Lincoln’s memorial
To hear a King speak of his dream

Do you hear a Mandela
Shouting from his prison walls “Amandla”
And do you hear the young South Africans singing
“Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika”

Do you hear a Bob Marley
Calling for Africa Unite
Do you hear an Osibisa
Welcoming you home
Do you hear a Fela Kuti
Singing revolutionary chants
into your heart

So sons and daughters of the land
Take heed
And hear the voices
Voices of Freedom
Voices of Revolution
Voices of Progress

Hear the Voices
That you may have voice
Hear the Voices
That you may be inspired
To make your voice heard

Sing your part
In the melody of the nation
And leave a legacy
That others after you might sing of
As you sing of those before you

In the end
Zion train is coming our way