Karabo Mosimanegape

Africa, Botswana

Just wanted to see if you are nice and comfortable
To see if you are well tucked in and flexible
For you need space to turn space to learn new things
Yet you also have to be cozy and warm
Protected from the strange and the unknown
But not denied the chance to indulge and engage with the new
A moment to lace up those dancing shoes
Let them control your feet lost in the rhythm
So sleep, sleep my child

Sleep for tomorrow is a new day, a new light
But sleep for its your spoils today cos Yesterday you conquered,
The questions of yester night’s wonders has been answered
Rest your head slow as I command the pillows to be gentle
Yes the pillows perhaps that’s just about all I can handle
For I cannot command the world out there
The row the rumble of the roads
Barking and baaing of the dogs and goats
I cannot control the pulse of this earth
I will not even attempt for what its worth
I will not try to understand all the conversations of morning
Am not the one to explain mother earth’s intentions
So you can lay down and breath, yes breath
Breath to the pattern of your song
The world out there has its own
So sleep, sleep my child

Sleep and open your heart some more
U might just discover secrets hidden down below
Let themes of purple and pink adorn your world
As you become the supreme of dream world
Sleep, sleep for in your sleep fantasy becomes real again
There only two things you can increase your own
By simply giving it out more
And that’s education and love
The more you teach the more you learn
The more you love the more you get adored
Sleep you don’t even have to listen this poem
As you just have to sleep, so sleep child
Sleep with no worries but a smile
Sleep it might pronounce your dimples
Sleep as the day evens out with the night
And the stress reconciles with the peace
The eyes hits a compromise with the dark
Sleep you don’t even have to count sheep
Sleep child, sleep

Sleep for when you sleep in your heart
That’s where the sun rests
And the moon converses with the stars in your head
About with part of the world to shine bright tonight
Child in your womb souls gets molded as they prepare
To meet the seed to walk this earth and
Eventually become gods and goddesses
So sleep my child, sleep and give the universe a hug
Embrace and give it a kiss on the Venus
So sleep and renew thyself for you are the universe
Sleep the universe needs a rest and a rebirth
As you wake up fresh in the next day
As you get ready to celebrate again
Its you birth day again world
And the good gets to score against the bad

So sleep, sleep my child sleep
Sleep, sleep
lala mtwamna wam lala, lala……