Michael Mabwe

Africa, Zimbabwe

Leadership is about sharing the road we walk together
It is about sharing the bread we break together
It is about sharing the bible we read as we gather together
Brother, mother, father, sister
Grandmother, grandfather together

Leadership is the ability to open up your ears
To welcome those whispering winds
Even across the driest of valleys
Killing the temptation of favour
Suppressing the urge to go beyond limits

Leadership is not about using violence as a tool
To keep the elite few in top rule
Shunning majority rule
And treating the majority as one fool

Leadership is the ability to say I am sorry
I made a mistake
That was my fault
I promise not to do it again
Not throwing temper tantrums
When things go wrong

Leadership is not about people’s urge
But the urge of their ideas
It is about using the force of logic
Not the logic of force