I am Justice: Clear, Impartial (Bhagavad Gita)

Lord Krishna


Creatures rise and creatures vanish;
I alone am real, Arjuna,
looking out, amused, from deep
Within the eyes of every creature.


Those who worship me sincerely
with their minds and bodies, giving
Up their whole lives in devotion,
Find in me their heart’s fulfilment.

Even those who do no know me,
If their actions are straightforward,
Just, and loving, venerate me
With the truest kind of worship.


I am justice: clear, impartial,
Favouring no one, hating no one.
But in those who have cured themselves
of selfishness, I shine with brilliance.

I am always with all beings;
I abandon no one. And
However great your inner darkness,
You are never separate from me.

Let your thoughts flow past you, calmly;
Keep me near, at every moment;
Trust me with your life, because I
Am you, more than you yourself are.