When Mozart was murdered

Alfred Brendel


When Mozart was murdered
no one
not even Haydn
would have guessed
that it was Beethoven
who had committed the wicked deed
During an outing
while Mozart
exhausted from playing leapfrog
was resting in the grass
disguised as Salieri
slinking like a tomcat
and trickled poison
into Mozart’s matchless ear

At this point
it should be mentioned
that there was
in Beethoven’s life
a closely guarded secret
Beethoven was BLACK
and Mozart had FOUND OUT
After one of Beethoven’s wondrous improvisations
had whispered to Süssmayr
Not bad for a nigger
Now there he lay
with poison racing through his veins
Laughing grimly
the culprit sneaked away
in full possession of the key of C minor
from now on
would be his