Julius Chingono

Africa, Zimbabwe

When you come
to the entrance
of close one zero seven
you will find heaps of rubbish
covering trash bins
on either side of the tarmac, proceed.

Do not be intimidated
by dirt
discharging a terrible smell.
Used condoms, rotting tampons, sadza
banana peels, shelled maize cobs
paper, plastic and cans
encroaching on the road

Proceed down the narrow alley
that has houses on either side.

You will see
a red-tiled brick house
fenced and gated,
a big yard with an assortment
of flowers.
Bear with me
a small stream of raw sewerage
from a nearby manhole
floods the yard, proceed
through the gate.

You can step or tip-toe
on concrete bricks placed, here and there
to serve the purpose
proceed to the door and knock
I will be inside.