Wait for me

Konstantin Simonov


Wait for me, and I’ll be back,
Should you await me strong.
Wait for me when sky is black
And the sun has gone,
Wait for me when it is cold,
And when it is hot,
Wait for me when others don’t,
’Cause they just forgot.
Wait in case you don’t receive
Letters from the front,
Wait, and I will outlive,
If you really want.

Wait for me, and I’ll be back.
Don’t you talk to those
Gluing me a dead man tag.
That’s a wrong suppose.

Let my relatives believe
That I am the past,
Let my friends forget and give
Funeral repast.
They will drink a glass of wine
For the peace of soul...
You just wait and don’t make time,
Do not raise the bowl.

Wait for me, and I’ll be back,
Against all fate,
In the morning with my bag,
If you would only wait.

They will hardly understand,
How I could survive.
Awaiting me in a foreign land,
You have saved my life.

Let them say that it’s too late.
Do you feel what your heart tells?
I’ll be back, because you wait,
Wait like nobody else.